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Untethered with Evernote: Tips & Workflows for Independent Entrepreneurs, co-written with Stacey Harmon, Evernote Marketing Ambassador


Appetite for Texas, featuring the best in Texas food, wine and spirits

Bubbles & Boots, a Tumblr about wine and wine study

Untethered with Evernote, tips and tricks for integrating Evernote into your work and life – Retired January 2016

Kristi’s Farm to Table, exploring farms, farmers markets, restaurants and artisans working locally sourced ingredients – Retired January 2016

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Magazines (Print & Digital)

Mr. Roy, Edible Austin, Heirloom, 11/1/15

East Austin Tasty Block Party, Austin Woman Magazine, 11/1/15

Unprocessed: A Q&A with Megan Kimble, Edible Austin, Cooks! 9/1/15

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Living the Food Trailer Dream, Austin Woman Magazine, 7/1/15

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First taste of Italic: New rustic Italian restaurant opening soon in downtown Austin, Culturemap Austin, 2/26/15

Food Safe, Edible Austin Wellness, 1/1/15

Chef Sarah McIntosh of Epicerie Cafe & Grocery, Austin Woman Magazine, 12/1/14

Grandmother Billy’s Fried Chicken, Edible Austin Heirloom, 11/1/14

Cooks at Home: John and Kendall Antonelli, Edible Austin Heirloom, 11/1/14

Austin’s 130-Year Love Affair: Lammes Candies, Edible Austin Heirloom, 11/1/14

Paul Qui gets real about failure, passion and the satisfaction of cooking, CultureMap Austin, 10/2/14

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Anderson and Burnet culinary corridor heats up with 2 new restaurants, CultureMap Austin, 7/21/14

These locally owned restaurants make the drive to Round Rock worth the trip, CultureMap Austin, 6/26/14

Dai Due brings al fresco dining and butcher shop to new Manor Road space, CultureMap Austin, 6/16/14

From Corn Pops to live fish: Chefs compete in battle of culinary creativity at Citywide 86’d, CultureMap Austin, 5/29/14

Toast the season in true German style at Austin’s own Maifest celebration, CultureMap Austin, 5/28/14

Texas in the Bottle, Edible Austin Outdoor 5/1/14

Top chefs battle for the Rock Your Taco title – and the results are delicious, CultureMap Austin, 4/28/14

23 Texas chefs prepare for beef showdown at the Salt Lick Pavilion, CultureMap Austin, 4/15/14

Austin’s best chefs revealed: Culinary stars nominated for CultureMap Tastemaker Award, CultureMap Austin, 4/11/14

East side farms open their doors – and fields – for the East Austin Urban Farm Tour, CultureMap Austin, 4/7/14

Culinary matchmaking: Forager Valerie Broussard on connecting local chefs and farmers, CultureMap Austin, 4/6/14

Vaca y Vino returns to Wimberley for third annual whole steer barbecue, CultureMap Austin, 4/3/14

Chefs and farmers tackle the future of Lone Star food at Foodways Texas Symposium, CultureMap Austin, 4/2/14

Third Annual Austin Food & Wine Festival, Austin Woman Magazine, 3/28/14

Austin’s top chefs dish on the do-it-yourself culinary movement, CultureMap Austin, 3/9/14

A portal to Provence: laV brings Rustic French elegance to East Austin, CultureMap Austin, 3/6/14

Community Gardens, Edible Austin Outdoor, 3/1/14

Of Field and Stream, Edible Austin Outdoor, 3/1/14

Around the World in Five Courses, Austin Woman, 3/1/14

Drink and Dine Your Way through these Dripping Springs Hot Spots, CultureMap Austin, 2/10/14

From Kimchi to Sourdough, Travaasa Austin’s Jam & Jive Celebrates the Art of Preservation, CultureMap Austin, 1/27/14

Austin Restaurants with Vegetarian Dishes So Great You Won’t Even Miss the Meat, CultureMap Austin, 1/24/14

A Peek at New Restaurant Odd Duck Shows Off Bryce Gilmore’s Top Seasonal Chops, CultureMap Austin, 1/22/14

Whole Foods Domain: 63,000 Square Feet of Local Trademark Focused on Seafood, Beer and Community, CultureMap Austin, 1/13/14

Best Chefs in U.S. Takeover Foreign & Domestic for Austin’s Indie Chefs Week, CultureMap Ausitn, 1/7/14

Diabetes: Finding the Balance, Edible Austin Wellness, 1/1/14

Food Thrift Redux, Edible Austin Wellness, 1/1/14

These Delicious Local Cheeses Are Your Best Bet for Your Holiday Spread, CultureMap Austin, 12/12/13

Luxuriate at Inn Above Onion Creek for a Dinner, a Day Spa or a Hill Country Getaway, CultureMap Austin, 12/4/13

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The Kindest Cut, Edible Austin Heirloom, 12/1/13

Eat Your Words, Edible Austin Heirloom, 12/1/13

Hot Science – Cool Talks Series Sparks Interest for the Whole Family, CultureMap Austin, 11/20/13

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Top Austin restaurants get high on the hog at 3rd Annual Wine & Swine event, CultureMap Austin, 11/6/13

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How to Manage a Freelance Career with Evernote – Evernote Blog, 11/4/13

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Dames Across Texas draws top women food pros to eat, drink and party in Austin, CultureMap Austin, 10/28/13

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Gateway Guesthouse takes stress out of holiday meals with Fearless Feast classes, CultureMap Austin, 10/11/13

3 Austin companies create healthy meal kits for hassle-free dinners, CultureMap Austin, 10/4/13

Con’Olio and Olive & June team up to make olive oil a star ingredient, CultureMap Austin, 9/26/13

Farmers gather in Bastrop to stick up for small-scale food production, CultureMap Austin, 9/25/13

Central Texas food mavericks mingle with Slow Money Austin at Barr Mansion, CultureMap Austin, 9/24/13

Upscale your tailgate with chi-chi takeout from Austin favorites, CultureMap Austin, 9/13/13

Bryan Caswell, Edible Austin Travel Issue, 9/1/13

On the road to quality with direct trade, Edible Austin Travel Issue, 9/1/13

Austin oenophiles explore wondrous world of wine at 11th annual Tour de Vin, CultureMap Austin, 8/27/13

Austin’s top women chefs confirm collective culinary prowess at Eat.Drink.Empower dinner, CultureMap Austin, 8/27/13

Texas wines are proving to be real national contenders, CultureMap Austin, 8/14/13

Austin chefs battle in seafood showdown: Texas pride, national rep on the line, CultureMap Austin, 8/6/13

Patio Perfect – Austin Woman magazine, 8/1/13

Local culinarians eat and battle wits at Slow Food Austin Grub Trivia fundraiser – CultureMap Austin, 7/22/13

Austin’s fast-casual restaurant chains offer quick, tasty dining alternatives – CultureMap Austin, 7/19/13

Congress’ John Hajash wins Uchi’s Citywide 86’d competition – CultureMap Austin, 6/18/13

Travaasa Austin unveils its farm at BBQ Bash supporting Foodways Texas – CultureMap Austin, 6/17/13

The Austin food community shares its passion for learning with local students of all ages – CultureMap Austin, 6/3/13

Wine Guides – Edible Austin Beverage Edition, 6/1/13

Making a Big Splash – Edible Austin Beverage Edition, 6/1/13

W Austin’s new rooftop apiary to produce 4,000 pounds of honey per year – CultureMap Austin, 5/22/13

Celebrity chef Brian Malarkey invites diners to eat until they throw in the towel at Searsucker – CultureMap Austin, 5/9/13

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16 top Texas Chefs come together for a celebration of meat and flame at Live Fire! – CultureMap Austin, 4/23/13

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Do Unto Others – Ethics in Food Writing – Frontburner, newsletter of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, February 2012

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