Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Feedly

A number of friends have asked me how I was handling the decommissioning of Google Reader. After I recovered from the initial shock, followed by heartache and betrayal – how could Google do this to me – I started doing some research. I’ve tried a number of different news aggregators over the last few months and have decided on Feedly as my saving grace.

I like the desktop interface as well as the iOS apps and have found them all easy to use.  I particularly like that I can clip directly to Evernote from an article on the desktop version.  (No surprise that this is one of my favorite features.)


I’m looking forward to them adding the Evernote functionality to the iOS versions, but in the meantime I can e-mail the articles I want to save to Evernote.  I’m also hoping that will add Feedly to their available channels to make it easier to automate what you save and how.

What tool have you decided on for your Google Reader replacement? I’m interested to hear how everyone is migrating.


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