What’s Your Workflow?

When I first started writing a blog, I would have an idea, draft a post and upload photos. It was pretty straightforward.

Things got more complicated when I started writing for other people. I would have an idea that I wanted to pitch later, but didn’t have a place to keep track of it. Where was I going to record my interviews and store my research? It didn’t take long before I realized I needed a plan.

I figured out all of the tasks it took to put together a piece and where I could store or track each element. It turned into something like this (although it wasn’t as pretty as what Hillary Weber-Gale has created.)

workflow infographic

workflow infographic
Illustration by h.creative

Using Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox, I’ve pulled together a workflow that supports me in being able to write for multiple publications easily. Each of the tools is cloud-based, available through the internet from any of my computers and devices so that I can write anywhere, anytime.

You can learn more about how to create a writing workflow for yourself in my upcoming class Writing in the Cloud: tools for a cloud-based Worfklow.


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